About us

We are group, created as a result of long-standing and successful collaboration of independent freelancers. Since 2003 we have been creating web applications, particularly in the field of powerful tools for content management. Our key specialty is implementing solutions based on Drupal system (at the moment in version 7.x), which we use in most projects.

The team:

  • Michał - inventor and co-founder of team, an enthusiast of "open source" solutions (especially Drupal), the lack of any artistic talents forced him to take up the role of person responsible for technological aspects (if something does not work, it is his fault :)).
  • Simon - co-founder of the group, chief specialist of acquiring foreign customers, the only one in the group knows how to play the saxophone.
  • Magdalena - developement and promotion specialist
  • Paweł- developement and promotion specialist
  • Honorata - image specialist
  • Aleksandra - front-end developer
  • Mariusz - content designer
  • Max - back-end developer

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